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Treat Yourself?

How to spend money on yourself and make it count.

Treat yo’self. If you ever watched the TV show Parks and Recreation, you heard Donna and Tom discuss the concept—lavishing yourself with gifts as a reward or a simple pick-me-up. It’s great advice if money were not an issue. But treating yourself when your budget is tight isn’t always the best move. You could be short-changing yourself in other ways. If you want to know more about treating yourself responsibly, keep reading.

First things first, there is a difference between treating yourself to a reward when you’ve earned it and desperately trying to fill a void by indulging your whims.Teen at computer

Setting a goal and a reward at the end isn’t irresponsible. No one is saying you have to go without to be financially responsible. What you should consider is how the reward matches the work. Crush a big exam, then make your favorite meal for dinner. Land a new job, then go out and celebrate, but set a budget before you leave your house.

Better yet, experts say you’re better off spending your money on experiences than things. You’ll own a lot of shoes in your life. Newer cars will always come out. But you’ll never forget the first time you went skydiving or waking up to the sunrise on the beach.

So what are less rewarding treats for yourself in the long run?

So how should you treat yourself? Experiences. But what does that mean, we experience a lot of things, how do we invest in them?

To wrap up, experiences can be more rewarding than objects. Spending money in itself is never going to give you lasting joy or contentment. So when you’re considering how to spend money on yourself, don’t put others’ opinions or status symbols ahead of enrichment and self-care.